Upcoming Tournaments

                                       SAWGA Scramble

       June 20th  MeadowWood  8:00am

         Scramble Entry Form

    Indian Canyon
          Thursday, July 5th    

     Chechako Entry Form

      Fairways Invitational
             Monday, July 17th

                             Chewelah Invitational                      
              Wednesday, July 26th

             Chewelah Invitational Entry Form

Check out the new SAWGA calendar for all upcoming tournament events! 


Welcome to our new Site!

We have a fresh new look for 2017, and some new items, including a Tournament Calendar, a Blog Page, and a newsletter.

This site is still in the works, and the 2017 content has not yet been uploaded.

Thanks for your  patience while we get a “grip” on things here.

In the meantime, please feel free to look around and get familiar with the new website.

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Laura and Sue

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