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The History of S.A.W.G.A.


  Mrs. Virgil (Wilma) Skone Spokane CC
  Mrs. Thelma Tucker Riverside
Year President Name Club
1955 Marge Blood Wandermere
1956 Wilma Skone (?) Spokane CC
1958 Louise Cooper  
1959 Ruth Patrick Wandermere
1960 Helene Talkington Spokane CC
1961 Dixie Carbery Esmeralda?
1962 Elaine Salveson Downriver
1963 Maxine Stephens Esmeralda
1964 Billie McInturff Indian Canyon
1965 Ursula Falk Downriver
1966 Donna Mitchel Esmeralda
1967 Corine Brown Indian Canyon
1968 Jane Whiting Spokane CC
1969 Mrs. Geo. Hikemeier Wandermere
1970 Noreen Devlin Sivertson Manito
1971 Betty Westburg Esmeralda
1972 CB Moore Indian Canyon
1973 Eve Stahl Indian Canyon/Spokane CC
1974 Vera Dearborn Spokane CC
1975 Jeanne Ramage Downriver
1976 Lorie Thomas/Virginia Jacobson Liberty Lake
1977 Jean Hemingway Manito
1978 Margie Doyl Hangman Valley/Liberty Lake
1979 Harriet Mackey Sundance
1980 Irene Kaizer Hangman Valley
1981 Betty Dalzell Wandermere
1982 Annetta Farr Hangman Valley
1983 Mikki Folsom Spokane CC
1984 Lulu Farr Hangman Valley
1985 Kathy Bowman Spokane CC
1986 Marion Marshall Downriver
1987 Beverly Kober Wandermere
1988 Nancy Donelson Downriver
1989 Michaele Wallach Sundance
1990 Lita Karsten Wandermere
1991 Eileen Hargrove Indian Canyon
1992 Jackie Brown Wandermere
1993 Jackie Brown Wandermere
1994 Claudia Smith Indian Canyon
1995 Freda Eakins McKeen Wandermere
1996 Rachael Fuller Downriver
1997 Betty Westberg Esmeralda
1998 Gail McGougan Fairways
1999 Diane Joss Hangman Valley
2000 Ro Bury Indian Canyon
2001 Jill Grover Liberty Lake
2002 Jan Zwetsch Manito
2003 Kris Rubert Qualchan
2004 Sheryl McCormack Spokane CC
2005 Carole Jenkins Sundance
2006 Linda Hahn Wandermere
2007 Sue Rouse Chewelah
2008 Diane Green Deer Park
2009 Linda Dixon Downriver
2010 Terry Clayton Esmeralda
2011 Sue Lightfoot Hangman Valley
2012 Karen Romberg Indian Canyon
2013 Cheryl Hull Liberty Lake
2014 D’Lee Dilliner Manito CC
2015 Sue Meyer Spokane CC
2016 Kathy Anderson Sundance
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Article 3 of 17, Article ID: 9708210318
Published on August 21, 1997
Youth was served during the latest saga of SAWGA. Just five days shy of her 20th birthday, Brenda Hall, playing out of Liberty Lake, won the 1997 Spokane Area Women’s Golfing Association City Tournament. Hall is believed to be the youngest winner of the tournament, which dates back some 70 years. Bouyed by a second-round 72 at Indian Canyon, Hall recorded a three-round total of 240.
Article 6 of 17, Article ID: 9809240302
Published on September 24, 1998
Liberty Lake lady golfers employed their secret weapon when the 18-Hole Club won its second SAWGA Review Cup in four years. It was the same competitive edge they used in winning the Cup in 1995. “Rose Jones is expecting a baby in a month or so,” said team member Billie Etter. “The last time we won, Keri Barham was expecting. We won it this time, too, and I thought, `my god, we have a seventh man.”’
Article 7 of 17, Article ID: 9909170014
Published on September 17, 1999
If she accepted all her scramble tournament invitations, Lisette Carter could play golf every weekend. Her law partners at Evans, Craven and Lackie make her give them strokes and ask her to play from the men’s tees. It’s easy to see why everybody – but the competition – loves Carter’s game. When the steady long-ball hitter teed off at The Creek at Qualchan in Thursday’s final round of the Spokane Area Women’s Golf Association.
Article 11 of 17, Article ID: 0209130034
Published on September 13, 2002
Carter rules SAWGA
Maybe the Spokane Area Women’s Golf Association should start its own Secret Witness program, asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of a legitimate challenger for Lisette Carter to please call 1-555-WEGIVUP. That might be the only hope SAWGA has of reeling in the 34-year-old attorney, who blew away the field in the organization’s annual championship tournament for a fourth consecutive year by cruising to a 27-stroke win Thursday at Manito Golf Club.
Article 13 of 17, Article ID: 0309120112
Published on September 12, 2003
McCormack sinks putt for title
Just moments after rolling in her short bogey putt on the difficult 18th hole at The Fairways at West Terrace golf course on Thursday, Sheryl McCormack got quizzed. “Who won?” inquired a fellow competitor, who had completed her final round of the Spokane Area Women’s Golf Association championship a couple of groups ahead of McCormack’s final threesome. “I think I did,” was McCormack’s reply.
Article 18 of 21, Article ID: MERLIN_8378137
Published on September 9, 2008
WRIGLEY SHOOTS FOR 4TH STRAIGHT TITLE   60th SAWGA tournament starts today
Granted, there is a social element involved with the Spokane Area Women’s Golf Association that Beth Wrigley thoroughly enjoys. But the part-time registered nurse and fourth-year coach of Whitworth University’s women’s golf team is quick to add that it’s the competition that really drives her. “I just love the challenge,” said Wrigley, who will attempt to join Connie Guthrie (1973-76) and Lisette Carter (1999-2002) as
Article 20 of 21, Article ID: MERLIN_8407269
Published on September 12, 2008
WRIGLEY TOPS FIELD AGAIN Joins Guthrie, Carter in elite golf class
It was shortly after walking off the ninth green at Esmeralda Golf Course on Thursday that Beth Wrigley recalled an old saying she once heard about playing tournament golf: “Sometimes you don’t need to play your best. You just need to play better than everyone else.” It turned out to be a comforting thought. Wrigley certainly needed some comfort at that point of her final round in the 60th Spokane Area Women’s Golf Association.

Spokesman-Review Sept 8, 2012, Jim Meehan

Guthri stands out in history

Shortly after becoming president of the Spokane Area Women’s Golf Association
(SAWGA), Karen Romberg was sorting through a stack of clippings from The Spokesman-Review when one article caught her eye.
It mentioned that SAWGA was officially organized in 1962. She quickly did the math and realized SAWGA was turning 50. READ MORE


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